The Comic Craze: Home Store London's All-New Range!

The Comic Craze: Home Store London's All-New Range!

Attention comic book enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike: Home Store London is thrilled to unveil our latest, most dynamic collection yet: The Comic Book Cover Range! Step into the vibrant world of comic tales, where heroes, villains, and epic landscapes converge to make your wardrobe pop.

Our new range boasts three awe-inspiring designs:
  • Cassius: Don the colours of our masculine superhero, Cassius. Caught in a candid moment, he’s painting his nails red, gearing up for the ultimate showdown. His iconic red and blue attire adds an element of whimsy and flair to the familiar superhero trope.
  • Karl: Dive into the intriguing world of Karl, the villain we love to hate. Set against the romantic cityscape of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower decked out in purple, Karl's striking black and white silhouette with popping yellow eyebrows makes for a vivid narrative piece.
  • Tanaka Family: Embrace familial superhero vibes with the Tanaka Family. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Fuji, this family, donned in their red and blue superhero outfits, is ready to tackle any challenge together.

Spotlight on: Comic Book Cover Karl Corduroy Cap

Want to flaunt a little villainous vibe? Look no further than our Comic Book Cover Karl Corduroy Cap. Stitched with the enigmatic Karl against a mesmerising blue backdrop of Paris, this cap is a conversation starter. The contrasting Eiffel Tower in purple is just the cherry on top!

Made with plush corduroy, this cap doesn’t just look good - it feels good too. Known for its durability and comfort, corduroy adds a touch of luxe to your everyday accessory. Whether you're out for a stroll, on a comic book hunt, or just chilling with friends, let Karl keep you company.

So, want to add a sprinkle of comic magic to your style? Let your cap do the talking. Our Comic Book Cover Karl Corduroy Cap is more than just an accessory. It's an ode to comic enthusiasts, a nod to fashion trendsetters, and a hat-tip to everyone in between.

Ready to unleash your inner comic geek chic? Join the comic craze with Home Store London today!

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