Sweeten Your Space: The Candy Design Series

Sweeten Your Space: The Candy Design Series

Introducing Home Store London's Candy Design Series, a collection that encapsulates the joy and whimsy of bright, sweet treats. The Candy series offers a trio of delightful designs: Light Candy, Dark Candy, and Bold Candy, each bringing its unique visual flavour to your space.

Candy Series Premium Cushions

The Candy design series lends itself to a range of beautiful products, but we wanted to focus on our premium Cushion range.

Light Candy Print lends a touch of gentle whimsy to your home decor. Adorned with intricate, candy-like shapes in soft greens and pinks, this design rests on a pale cream background. The reverse surprises with a vibrant Mantis green, adding an unexpected pop to this versatile cushion. Light Candy's pastel charm brings a dash of joy and serenity to any room, perfectly blending subtlety with a hint of fun.

Dark Candy Print dives deeper into the mystery of the night sky with its candy-shaped detail dancing on a deep navy background. The rich reds, greens, blues, and yellows of the design create a vibrant contrast against the depth of the backdrop. This design makes a striking statement, introducing an enchanting blend of playful charm and sophistication to your space.

Bold Candy Print makes a vibrant splash with its dynamic candy shapes, coloured in bold reds, pinks, and blues against a soothing pastel green background. This playful design turns any room into a joyous playground of colour, while the cushion's violet back, featuring our signature green logo, adds an extra dash of boldness. Bold Candy is the embodiment of fun and vibrancy, a true statement piece in the Candy design series.

Each cushion in the Candy Design Series is crafted with premium quality material, ensuring a luxurious feel and enduring shape. Whether you're looking to infuse your home decor with a touch of whimsy, or searching for that perfect statement piece, the Candy Design Series offers a sweet solution. Dive into this delightful collection and transform your living space with a pop of Candy sweetness. Choose Home Store London, where design meets comfort and creativity.

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