Our Exciting New Premium Range Partnership

Our Exciting New Premium Range Partnership

Home Store London is thrilled to announce a new alliance that takes our commitment to providing high-quality and distinctive designer products to new heights. Our new production partner, a stalwart in the industry, has been in operation for over two decades right here in London. Their dedication to crafting exclusive, top-tier designer ranges on demand aligns perfectly with our ethos.

Each order from this collaboration is meticulously handcrafted within their local production facility, further deepening our ties to the London community. We couldn't be more excited to reveal that this partner will be contributing to Home Store London's Premium Range, which includes sophisticated silk scarves, distinctive leather goods, and more.

Among the fresh additions is a product we're particularly smitten with: the Noodles in Singapore Leather Travel Wallet.

Making your travel experiences even more delightful, the Noodles in Singapore Leather Travel Wallet is a marriage of style and practicality. The wallet is crafted from premium textured Nappa leather with a captivating "Bison Stamp" effect. This piece has been designed to securely organise your passport, travel documents, and currency in one perfectly sized, custom-designed holder. A goat leather interior features a coin pocket and card slots, negating the need for a separate purse during your holiday adventures.

But it's not just about functionality—the Noodles in Singapore design makes this wallet a true work of art. The vibrant colours instantly command attention, bringing a slice of Singapore's unique style and atmosphere to your travel essentials. Each intricate detail, from the winding alleyways to the towering skyscrapers, is beautifully encapsulated in this remarkable artwork. Whether you're on the move or it's displayed at home, the Noodles in Singapore design infuses any space with a touch of artistic brilliance.

Just as the essence of Singapore is captured in the design, the essence of London is embodied in the wallet's craftsmanship. With 100% Nappa leather exterior, handmade goat leather interior, and secure popper fastening, this product marries global inspiration with local artisanship.

Home Store London's partnership with this esteemed London-based supplier takes our commitment to providing the best of design and quality to an even higher level. We look forward to bringing more such curated and handcrafted pieces to your wardrobe and home, continually raising the bar for style, functionality, and sustainability. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting new additions to our Premium Range!

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