Add a Splash of Fun to Your Beverage Routine with Home Store London

Add a Splash of Fun to Your Beverage Routine with Home Store London

Imagine this: you’re sitting down, about to take your first sip of a cool, refreshing drink. But wait! This isn’t your average, boring old glass. It’s a vibrant, vintage-inspired work of art, filled with as much personality as your favourite cocktail!

Welcome to the world of Home Store London's brand-new Glassware Collection! Bursting with colour, oozing with charm, and brimming with playful vibes, our collection is here to turn your drinking experience on its head!

Discover our eccentric array of glasses, each with a unique story to tell. Fall in love with our Colourful Celebrations Glasses, get hit with a wave of nostalgia with the Vintage Doll Glasses, go retro with our Smooches Design Glasses, and embrace the quirkiness of our Diverse Expressions Glasses.

Today, we're turning the spotlight onto the star of the show: the Smooches Design Glass! Step into a time machine and travel back to the funky 50s, as this glass comes alive with an eye-catching design of neon sign lips.

With the Smooches Design Glass, your everyday drink suddenly becomes a retro roller coaster ride! Iced coffee, soda, cocktail, or mocktail - no matter your beverage, the Smooches Design Glass adds an extra zing of fun.

And here's the best part! This isn't just a funky drinking glass. It's a durable, timeless piece of art that's just as sturdy as it is stylish. Ready to handle everything from your daily brew to a swanky soiree, this glass is prepped to become your favourite sip buddy.

But hold up, there's more! Home Store London is all about being cool, but we're also all about being conscious. That's why every Smooches Design Glass is made to order, helping to reduce overproduction and take a step towards a more sustainable planet. Now, that's something worth toasting to!

So, get ready to pucker up and add a smooch of vintage charm to your drinking routine! And hey, why stop at one? The more glasses you buy, the more you save with our fabulously fun Glassware collection promotion.

Embrace the joy of drinking with Home Store London's Glassware Collection, where every sip is a celebration!

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